The Bryan Times,

This letter is in response to, and supportive of, the letter, “Questions abolishing the BPA,” in the Oct. 31 edition of The Bryan Times from Al Horn regarding the move by Bryan City Council to disband the Board of Public Affairs.

First and foremost, why? All we’ve heard is one prepared statement that said there is “duplication.” It seems odd to me that this duplication has been going on since 1906 and has just now become a burning issue. Someone needs to lay out in specifics exactly what this duplication is, how it negatively affects the operations of our utilities and how removal of the BPA is going to create a great new system.

Second: Why was this whole situation being discussed without any public input at the initial meeting and so quickly referred to the city attorney to get it on the ballot? Again, without any input from anyone other than the prepared statement (no rebuttal allowed or asked for) and immediately a council member moved to have it put on the ballot.

Finally, to those of us that are on the outside of the goings-on within council and the BPA, this appears to be possibly related to the disagreement between council and the BPA earlier this year regarding benefits for the utility employees. Being handled in a meeting that had no public notice that this was going to come up smells very much like the assertion by Mr. Horn that this was/is a backroom deal being pushed by parties that are really only interested in cutting the BPA members out of having input into how the utilities are managed and run. As Mr. Horn so clearly stated, in the past when the city charter was being revised, council appointed citizens as well as council members to a committee to explore, discuss and come to a conclusion. In this case, that was ignored and it was immediately pushed to be on the ballot in the spring.

In an era with public distrust of elected officials is nearly unanimous, to have our local elected officials acting in this kind of hasty and uncommunicative manner is simply unacceptable.

Tom Reed


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