The Bryan Times,

To the mayor and council Members: If you read the letters to the editor in The Bryan Times, you probably already know my position on this BPA issue. However, if you haven’t, then let me please tell you what I think of this total nonsense and waste of time, as well as possible taxpayers dollars.

Why are we changing a system that has worked for over 100 years and has produced a very efficiently run utilities department? Nothing I have read has convinced me that by disbanding the BPA, we are solving any problems or creating a more efficient system.

In fact, Mr. Betts latest suggestion does nothing more than what he originally suggested, disband the BPA and turn it all over to the council. Why? There has been no answer to that question, other than, “…oh, everyone else has done it…”. Wow … that reminds me of the answer I gave my kids growing up ….”

“…just because everyone else is doing it, does it make it right?” NO. Why are we “fixing” something that isn’t broken? Mr. Betts insists it saves money and makes everything more efficient, but has not shown any facts to back that up. In fact, this latest suggestion by Mr. Betts is more confusing, more designed to mislead and confuse the system than the first proposal, to totally disband the BPA! Having a council of ten members makes absolutely no sense at all! The whole point of the councils structure is so you do not have a tie vote! Suddenly we’re going to have a system where we can have a tie vote and the mayor becomes the know-all and say-all for the entire town? That is simply nonsense. It simply gives all power to city council and cuts the BPA out. Nothing else is accomplished.

Obviously, Mr. Betts has decided he will do anything he can do to disband the BPA, even though, prior to his election he insisted the current system was working just fine. What changed? Oh, he got elected and now feels he can do whatever he wants for his private agenda.

None of this makes sense and if you put it to the voters, I think it will go down in flames. Thank you, councilwoman Mary Leatherman for making a stand publicly.

Tom Reed


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