The Bryan Times,

In the October 2019 submission to The People’s Pharmacy in The Bryan Times, someone stated that they take magnesium to prevent nighttime leg cramps. But the columns curators, the Graedons, replied, “a systematic review of the medical literature did not find that magnesium was more effective than a placebo.” However, from my experience, I know that magnesium quickly stops my leg cramps.

This reinforces my belief that Big Pharma is striving to control what we know, in an attempt to sell more of their patented drugs.

I am reminded of another article a few years ago in which a doctor stated that the tests which had originally shown aspirin to be a lifesaver for heart attack victims, had used Bufferin brand aspirin. Bufferin just happens to contain magnesium as a buffering agent. That doctor beleived that Bufferin brand aspirin reduced the number of heart attacks because the magnesium in it stopped the heart muscles from cramping. The doctor credited the magnesium, not aspirin. I would not be surprised to learn that the placebo in the first-cited test contained magnesium.

Remember, the love of money is the root of all evil. There is a shipload of money to be made from patented drugs. People have been known to kill for a few thousand dollars — if there are billions of dollars on the line, some people will surely be tempted to lie.

Duane Rupp

West Unity

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