The Bryan Times,

I agree with Mr. Lyle Brigle’s public forum letter in The Bryan Times, dated April 15, 2019, concerning North Western Electric Cooperative’s proposed changes to the code of regulations. I have also received a call from Mr. Louis Thornton, a former director of marketing for North Western Electric, concerned about the previous changes to the code of regulations, as well as the current proposed changes.

Just a few years ago, this board asked the membership to increase the term limits from 12 to 15 years. Now they are asking the members to do away with them completely. New faces and new ideas are a good thing. A constantly changing and diverse board keeps the board from getting routine and stagnant.

I know there is an investment in training a new director, but after the director receives their certificate, they still continue to go to training classes and conferences every year. So there is always an annual expense for training for each director.

With no mandatory two-nominee election, it’s very unlikely that there will be anyone run against the incumbent director. Proof of that is this year, as there are no nominees to run against either one of the incumbents. Eliminating term limits would almost guarantee life long careers for directors.

The board is also asking to eliminate the option to nominate someone from the floor. Even our political system allow for write-in candidates. So why should this board wish to disallow someone that opportunity, even if they do not receive any electronic votes?

With the previously approved changes and the current propose changes to the code of regulations, it appears the board is trying to make it more difficult for a members to get nominated and elected to the Board.

I would encourage all former employees and directors, or any member to voice their opinion at the annual meeting April 27, 2019, at the Edon Northwest School. Remember this is a meeting of the MEMBERS. It is not a meeting of the board of directors or management. Please wait to vote and listen to the speakers at the meeting and then vote your preference.

Greg Snyder


(Snyder is a former North Western Electric Cooperative director and board president)

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