The Bryan Times,

There is an old adage that goes, "Be careful what you wish for — you might just get it."

Now that President Biden has signed an executive order eliminating the use of fossil fuels in America to save the world from global warming, here are just a few of the unintended (I assume) consequences of that action.

First, considering our recent weather, since the vast majority of house heat with natural gas, they must be renovated to heat with electricity — a significantly less efficient method with the current technology. i wonder who will be stuck with that cost? The government? And where does the government get its money? Oh yeah — us. (Unless they simply print more money this making the money we currently have in circulation worth ven less).

Second, there will be no travel by air. All current commercial aircraft, be they jets or propo dirven, are powered by hydrocarbon fuels. Well, we certainly can't ahv ethem spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Of course, our lords and masters (professional politicians of all parties) will retain their use of aircraft because they are "required" to rule us "effectively/efficiently" — take your pick. Now why am I reminded of a quote from 'Animal farm' that goes, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Third, ocean travel will revert to sail or (heaven forbid) nuclear power. If by sail, cargo capacity will be reduced and travel times will increase significantly. if couple with the second unintended consequence above, Hawaii will become inaccessible to the masses (except for politicians — see above paragraphs).

Fourth, all farm equipment (tractos, harvesters, etc.) will have to be converted to electric power (unless we go all the way back to horses and oxen — thank God we have the Amish). Anyway, it is unlikely that American farmers will be able to produce the same quantity and quality of food to supply the country. Who goes hungry? I seriously doubt that it will be the politicians (see second unintended consequence).

Forth, transportation of goods will slow significantly since all land travel will be slowed (semis will have to stop several times for recharge). Most current rail traffic is powered by diesel (hydrocarbon) electric engines. Even all-electric engines will also need recharging during their travels. Again, this will not hinder politicians (see above).

I'll save my comments on climate change efforts by foreign countries for another day.

Steven E. Cox


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