The Bryan Times,

I am very concerned about the state of the country and its future. We are as polarized as we have ever been in my life time with both sides digging in with compromise and accommodation seemingly out of reach. The political right appears to have abandoned democracy and is veering toward authoritarianism in an effort to regain power. They appear to have no interest in legislating or finding common ground to aid the country. Six months after the inauguration and a failed insurrection, the GOP is still in denial and enthralled with Trumpism. So just like a bad marriage, maybe it’s time for a divorce. How about we divide our assets and go our separate ways?

Here is what I’m thinking: The blue states should petition Canada to become new provinces. The new provinces would then be free to continue practicing democracy in Canada, but within a parliamentary structure with strong democratic traditions. While this represents a change from what we know, it is still an improvement over our current morass. Social programs in Canada largely mirror what the left has long advocated for — health care for all, a woman’s right to choose and sensible gun laws just to mention a few.

The blue states on the west coast to secede would be Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California along with the east coast states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia seceding. Along the current Canadian border, blue states seceding include Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. Colorado, New Mexico and Ohio would do a land swap with Montana, Idaho and Georgia. North Dakota would become blue and South Dakota would stay red in order to maintain a contiguous border.

The remaining interior and southern red states could then have an opportunity to form whatever form of government or governments they choose. I am confident that the political geniuses on the right like McConnell, Cruz, Hawley, Grassley, Graham, et. al. (the new founding fathers of Trumplandia?) will rise to the occasion. After all, they are all about power. In fact, they would now be free to build all the border walls they desire. I think this a viable alternative to civil war, considering the last one obviously didn’t really solve anything. (This is satire — or is it? Eh.)

Timothy S. Foster


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