The Bryan Times,

As I watch the House select committee begin their hearings into the failed insurrection attack on the United States of America and democracy itself, I remain as mystified today as I have been for the past several years about what the Republican Party has devolved into. How did this once proud party become a cult devoted to the delusional rantings of a self-described “very stable genius”? How does this failed businessman (remember he bankrupted a casino, how is that even possible?), grifter, narcissist, con-man and liar extraordinaire continue to hold sway over so many Americans? Perhaps this Svengali was able to appeal to a deeper darker aspect of the American psyche.

Is the clarion call to Make America Great Again simply code for returning to an America that suppressed minorities and embraced white privilege? Is it the fear of the “browning” of America that has put so many people into a frenzy about immigration? Is it a belief in The Great Replacement Theory that says predominantly white cultures are being replaced by people of color? Is this what Trump tapped into? Was it this fear that gave rise to a resurgence of White Supremacist movements? This country was founded and built by immigrants (not all of whom came voluntarily). Everyone reading this is descended from immigrants. We are all immigrants! Perhaps it’s because the recent migration trend is people of color.

The Republicans did everything within their power to dismiss the Jan. 6th committee outright and, having failed at that, attempted to sabotage it. They are so far up the river “denial” and equally fearful that their complicities in the insurrection and what prompted it will be exposed for all to see. Those Republicans supporting “The Big Lie” are just as liable for the seditious actions of those that stormed the Capitol attempting to overturn the government itself without one shred of evidence of election fraud other than what the former fraud-in-chief says. Every politician who promoted insurrection, sedition and violence against the United States of America by voting to not certify the results of the states to the Electoral College and inspiring a mob to attack, in fact, committed an act of treason and should be removed from office and barred from ever holding office again. I fact, I believe they should be tried in a court of law for sedition. Party of Lincoln indeed!

Timothy S. Foster


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