Why does Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH5) hate the United States of America? Why did he sign on to the completely farcical challenge to the election results brought by the Texas Attorney General with an amicus brief? Does he support a revolution in this country to overturn the will of the American people as evidenced by their votes to turn out Trump? Is he in favor of a coup? Does he support the radical right-wing groups such as QAnon or the Proud Boys that advocate violence? Does he want a civil war? Why is he in favor of disenfranchising millions of voters because they didn’t vote the way he wanted? Why does he want to trash the Constitution of the United States of America? The very same Constitution that he took an oath to preserve and protect. Does he seriously believe that a conspiracy took place on such a massive scale that the results were flipped? What does that say about his own reelection? Are we to believe that his own reelection was also rigged? Does the congressman now believe in autocracy over democracy? Does he prefer King Donald rather than President Donald? Latta, you should be ashamed.

I understand being disappointed. I was truly disappointed in 2016 when Trump was elected. However, this refusal to accept reality is so far over the top by the soon to be former President and his minions (that is you Bob) that it is becoming dangerous for the country. It has been six weeks now and more than 50 court challenges ranging from state to federal and even the Supreme Court all saying the same thing. There is no evidence of fraud or tampering. These suits have no merit. These conspiracy theories are just that — baseless fanciful flights from reality. Trump Lost — Get Over It.

Timothy Foster


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