The Bryan Times,

First, I want to propose that the name Public Forum be changed to The Public Rant as I have noticed many of its frequent contributors’ express opinions and points of view that are largely devoid of facts. While I fully support everyone’s constitutional right to free expression, I do not believe that everyone has a right to their own set of facts to support those conclusions, particularly when none are offered. Case in point: "Reasons to loathe the Democrats," in the July 13 The Bryan Times editorial page by Rochelle Lee.

1. “American babies are unwanted in this country by Democrats ... if our own can’t have a life in America, neither should foreign children." Here I believe Ms. Lee is mixing two separate issues — abortion and immigration, and she clearly doesn’t support either. While I understand her position on abortion versus the Democrats position on a woman’s right to choose (as well as Supreme Court precedent in Roe vs. Wade being the law of the land) being a problem for her, I don’t understand her assertion that abortion is exclusively a Democrat Party issue and her inference that Republican women have not and do not have abortions. Really?

2. “Joe Biden wants to raise taxes on Americans but gave Illegals $2,100 and free health insurance.” Once again Ms. Lee is mixing issues. While it is true that Joe Biden has proposed raising taxes on corporate America from 21% to 28%, I have not seen any proposals regarding working Americans. As far as giving away money and insurance to illegals, she fails to cite any evidence of this other than her word.

3. “Seniors who have paid taxes and into Social Security can never get a decent raise but there’s always money for illegals." One again, mixing issues. Here are some facts Ms. Lee: Social Security and Medicare were created by and are largely supported by the Democratic Party and both programs are routinely threatened with cuts by your party. A cost of living adjustment occurs yearly.

4. “Now they want to get rid of the police." Defunding the police and “getting rid of the police” are two very separate things. Defunding means changing how assets are allocated, i.e., more community-based programs, more minority-based hiring of police officers, better training resulting in less use of deadly force.

I am thankful that you live in the Bryan area as well Ms. Lee because you clearly would have difficulty with diversity.

Timothy S. Foster


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