The Bryan Times, 

I am responding to a Public Forum submission that appeared in The Bryan Times on June 15, entitled “Do not vote for any Democrats," by John Leppelmeier. This was by far the most vile, despicable and hateful piece of garbage I have ever read. Its author paints a picture of a welfare system that intentionally and systematically sets out to trap persons of color in the welfare state in order to control them both economically and politically in a “carefully constructed swamp." He accuses the Democratic Party of being the architects of this evil, racist plan and that “Democrats see Blacks as a voting block first, and know they are in danger of losing that block because President Trump has viewed Blacks as Americans first." Really ?? Is this the same president that wants more white immigration from places like Sweden, called African countries (an insult) and has tirelessly worked to stop immigration by people of color?

Welfare programs in this country started in 1935 following the Depression and were designed to help deal with poverty. Then, as now, in order to receive assistance one must meet certain financial criteria to qualify. Namely, in nearly every state in the union, one must be at or below the Federal Poverty Level. Of interest to me I discovered that nearly 40% of all food stamp recipients are white. The numbers are 38.6% white, 24.8% black and the remainder are distributed between Hispanic and other. It is poverty that dictates who receives aid not some politically driven racist agenda carried out by the Democratic Party as Mr. Leppelmeier asserts.

This politically motivated, thinly disguised attempt to smear the Democratic Party as racist fails to account for the historical record. It was the Democratic Party the championed and passed the following legislation: 1964 Civil Rights Act, 1965 Voting Rights Act, 1968 Fair Housing Act and creation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Hardly a racist agenda! Your “opinion” piece using racist code words and phrases such as “entrap and enslave," “Welfare Plantations," and “don’t be deceived by who and what is behind all these riots” is untrue and contemptible, particularly during this current time of civil unrest. How dare you. If you want to share your “education” and subsequent world view perhaps you could truly educate yourself rather than perpetuate lies and engage in race-baiting.

Timothy S. Foster


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