The Bryan Times,

Does anyone remember when Bryan was named as one of the best 100 towns in America? I wonder if it would have made that list had it been a city that allowed drunks to walk the streets, openly consuming alcohol.

I find it disturbing that Bryan is so desperate to join the ranks of progressive cities that it is attempting to legalize wandering the streets of the city while openly consuming alcohol.

Alcoholism is a major problem in this country.

If a person is so dependent on alcohol that they cannot leave one establishment and walk to another without having a glass of it in their hand, they should be given treatment, not a pat on the back and someone telling them, "Here you go, enjoy your buzz!"

Likewise if they cannot enter an establishment that does not serve alcohol.

I would like to know, exactly who will be responsible for cleaning up the mess when a patron enters a business and ends up vomiting all over merchandise in that store. Or spills the alcohol in the store/on the merchandise?

Who will reimburse the owner for the lost merchandise?

Business owners can opt out of allowing people into their stores but how many will feel pressured to allow it, or risk backlash from patrons boycotting the business in retaliation for not allowing it.

Who, exactly, is going to be responsible for the drunks that will pass out on private property, (or) for any damage the drunks will do to the private property?

Anyone supporting this should be closely looked at as to their reasonings. There is simply no valid reason to pass this kind of ordinance. Vote it down, then put it in the trash.

Toni Mitchell


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