The Bryan Times,

This is a sport created for all ages and skill levels, which brings together Bryan’s youth and seniors. Pickleball is a game that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. People will use wooden paddles that are a little larger than ping pong paddles to hit the ball across the court. This game will be played on badminton size court with a net in the middle separating the sides. This game can be played doubles or singles, and each side tries to get the wiffle ball type ball to the other side of the court and beat the opposing side. The upcoming years would be a great time to introduce pickleball into Bryan. The high school tennis team courts that are located at the parks will now be relocated to an area north of the track, which opens many tennis courts to be converted into pickleball courts. The tennis courts at Garver Park or at Moore Park could be converted into pickleball courts for the community. This could create a unity between youth and adults on the courts, and is an easy fun game for all skill levels. The rules are simple and easy for beginners to quickly learn, then in turn make it as competitive as they wish. I feel as if it would be neat to see all the senior citizens play pickleball as it keeps them active and they can possibly bring their grandchildren with them to have a fun time together.

Audrey Zimmerman

Bryan High School

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