The Bryan Times,

When I was a youngster a convenience was having an indoor toilet, one our family didn’t have until I was eight or nine years old. As time passed, convenience became a car, then my folks didn’t have to drive us to all the practices and workouts at school we kids were involved in. Convenience became the grocery store where you could buy canned goods that were normally grown in the garden and then canned for use through the winter months. The gardens became smaller and smaller until today there are only a few people who have them. These times, though, are bringing them back some.

Today, convenience is a whole different ball game. Today you can purchase nearly everything via your computer or your handy dandy handheld communication device and have it delivered to your door. Clothing, auto parts. automobiles, gifts, furniture, prescription drugs and food, ready to heat and eat or not. All these conveniences and you never have to step out of your door. Well, some still go to work, but that is also becoming a rare thing as more people are doing their jobs from home. All your needs are met and all you need to do this is a card that proves you have the funds to cover the purchase.

I have been asking myself lately just what is the cost of all these conveniences? It seems to me that the less you leave your home the more separated you become from your friends and neighbors, the less strong you are as an individual. The less determined and goal-oriented you become. It doesn’t matter how mcuh time you spend on your communication device, you are still alone. No amount of ‘we are alone together’ is going to change the fact that people need people. We need reassurance, we need hugs, and handshakes, we need in-person laughter and sometimes tears. We are never created to be alone. Separated, we lose our humanity and become more easily manipulated, That is the bottom line. With all that is going on in this country and the world it is becoming more clear everyday that as a society we are being manipulated into a position in which every purchase, word and action can be monitored, and controlled. What price are you willing to pay for all this convenience? Just asking.

John Posey


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