Williams County Department of Aging

1425 E. High St., Bryan

Maggie Fisher, Executive Director

Phone 419-633-4317

Williams County Senior Center Menu

Lunch served daily Mon.-Fri.

Times vary per center

Please call: 419-633-4317

Bread, fortified margarine or butter

and milk/coffee/tea with every meal

Mon.: BBQ Beef on Bun, Seasoned Summer Squash, Succotash, Banana, Milk, Chef Salad Option

Tues.: Spaghetti & Meatballs, Tossed Salad, Apple, Assorted Juice, Garlic Bread, Milk

Wed.: Taco Salad, Strawberries & Blueberries, Bread stick, Milk

Thurs.: Scalloped Potatoes & Ham (Chicken Alt) Green Beans, Cauliflower, Mandarin Oranges, Dinner Roll, Milk

Fri.: Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry, Brown Rice, Citrus Slaw, Fruit Cocktail, Rye Bread, Milk, Chef Salad Option

Bryan Senior Center

1201 S. Portland St.

Debbie Gearhart, Site Manager

Phone 419-636-4047

Mon.: Parkinson’s Support Group; 10:00 Lincoln Bingo; 11:30 Music with Ed; Parkinson’s Group; 1:00 Cards & Laughter

Tues.: 10:30 Bible Study; 11:00 Music w/Jeff; 12:30 Grocery Shopping; 1:00 Euchre Party

Wed.: 10:00 Wii Games; 10:00 Lincoln Bingo; 10:15 Exercise w/Debbie; 10:30 Toe Nail Clinic

Thurs.: 9:00 Senior Walk @ West Unity; 9:00 Crosswords; 1:00 Euchre Party

Fri.: 9:30 Word Search; 10:00 Lincoln Bingo; 1:00 Cards & Laughter

Edgerton Senior Center

Edgerton Church of Christ

224 Laubach St.

Cindy Tingle, Site Manager

Phone 419-298-3564

Mon.: Cards & Games; 10:30 Lincoln Bingo; 12:30 Euchre Day w/Prizes

Tues.: Cards & Games; 10:45 Exercises; 12:30 Euchre Day

Wed.: Cards & Games; 11:45 Humor Page; 12:30 Lincoln Bingo

Thurs.: Cards & Games; 9:00 Senior Walk-West Unity;10:45 Exercises; 12:45 Maumee Valley Speaker

Edon Senior Center

Edon Community Building

320 Parkway St.

Erin Gerschutz, Site Manager

Phone 419-272-2070

Mon.: 10:30 Bingo w/Parkview; Word in Words; Supper Out

Tues.: Golf

Wed.: Choice Words Game

Thurs.: 9:00 Senior Walk-West Unity; 10 am Tai Chi; Cover the Number Dice Game

Montpelier Senior Center

325 N. Jonesville St.

Lisa Seiler, Site Manager

Phone 419-485-3218

Mon.: 8:00 Cards & Games; 10:30 Zingo; 12:30-4:00 Hand & Foot

Tues.: 8:00 Cards & Games; 9:15 Craft Room; 10:15 Bible Study; 10:30 Bingo; 12:30 Bryan Shopping & Farmers Market

Wed.: 8:00 Cards & Games; 10:30 Wheel of Fortune; 1:30-2:30 Choir Practice

Thurs.: 9:00 Senior Walk-West Unity; 9:15 Craft Room; 9:30 Montpelier Garage Sales

Fri.: 8:00 Cards & Games; 10:30 Hearing Aid Cleaning w/Craig; 12:30 Euchre

Pioneer Senior Center

Pioneer Community Center

100 N. Elm St

Shanna McKelvey, Site Manager

Phone 419-737-3095

Mon.: 9:30 Euchre; 10:30 Lincoln Bingo; 12:00 Cards

Tues.: 9:30 Euchre; 10:30 Heads Up; 12:00 Cards

Wed.: 9:30 Euchre; 10:30 BP & Snack Bingo; 12:00 Cards

Thurs.: 9:00 Senior Walk-West Unity; 9:30 Euchre; 10:30 Dice; 12:00 Cards; Commodities

Stryker Senior Center

116 N. Defiance St.

LaVon Benner, Site Manager

Phone 419-682-2083

Mon.: Puzzles & Games; 10:45 Exercise Class; 12:15 Lincoln Bingo

Tues.: Puzzles & Games; 12:00 BP Clinic w/CHP; 12:15 Wii Bowling

Wed.: Puzzles & Games; 12:15 Euchre

Thurs.: Puzzles & Games; 9:00 Senior Walk-West Unity; 12:30 Crafts w/Stryker Library

West Unity Senior Center

Kissell Community Building

509 N. Main St.

Krystal Hallock, Site Manager

Phone 419-924-5447

Mon.: 10:00 Euchre Tournament

Tues.: Houseplants Word Search

Wed.: 10:30 Bible Study; 10:30 Grocery Shopping @ Chiefs

Thurs.: Bring a New Friend to Lunch& Receive a Gift; 9:00 Senior Walk-West Unity

Fri.: 10:30 Candy Bar Bingo

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