Several local cross country teams made the trip to run at the Tiffin Cross Country Carnival at Hedges Boyer Park in Tiffin on Saturday.

Bryan’s girls placed 17th out of 25 teams in the Division II Girls A race. The Bears were paced by Audrey Zimmerman (19:37) in 20th, Addie Oberlin (21:32) in 67th, Lily Dixon (23:10) in 108th, Adrienne Struble (24:09) in 126th and Makenna Lane (25:22) in 147th, Alyssia Foust (28:46) in 168th and Kabryn Myers (28:47) in 169th.

In the Division III Girls race, Edgerton’s girls were 28th out of 49 teams. The Bulldogs were led by Stefanie Thiel (21:21) in 60th, Natalie Kellogg (22:33) in 129th, Kenzie Purk (22:52) in 155th, Ashlee Hug (23:00) in 165th, McKenna Warner (24:01) in 206th, Cheri Hulbert (24:34) in 239th and Elissa Bowen (26:51) in 301st.

Fairview was 38th in the Division III Girls race and the Apaches were led by Leah Layman (21:07) in 53rd, Taylor King (21:40) in 78th, Karrie Smith (24:23) in 229th, Sesily Wanjema (28:41) in 322nd and Brook Mavis (29:00) in 324th.

Montpelier’s girls were 44th in the same race. The Locomotives were led by Brinn Miller (23:17) in 179th, Alison Lamontagne (24:01) in 207th, Lyndsi Engels (24:20) in 223rd, Tristen Bexten (25:49) in 277th and Emily Fritsch (26:57) in 302nd.

Stryker’s had three girls in Saturday’s race. Trinitie Woolace (20:20) was 33rd, Alexia Wickerham (23:27) was 187th and Abby Grice (29:57) was 331st.

In the Division II Boys race, Bryan was 30th out of 49 teams. Josh Taylor (16:34) was 18th, Ethan Cox (18:48) was 181st, Trevor Mason (18:52) was 192nd, Lucas Will (19:04) was 205th, Noah Meyer (19:25) was 232nd, Caleb Zuver (19:45) was 250th and Blake Grube (19:55) was 256th.

In the Division III Boys A race, Fairview was 17th out of 36 teams. The Apaches were paced by Treyvon Hastings (16:29) in 11th, Nick Breininger (18:20) in 99th, Kaleb Ankney (18:21) in 103rd, Ethan Underwood (18:31) in 116th, Garrett Bennett (19:11) in 159th, Reed Singer (19:29) in 173rd and Alex Nichols (19:42) in 188th.

Also in the Division III Boys A race, Edgerton was 25th. The Bulldogs were led by Hunter Burke (17:49) in 66th, Josh Apt (18:42) in 132nd, Max Woenker (19:03) in 150th, Connor Thiel (19:03) in 151st, Elliot Roth (19:12) in 161st, Nathan Swank (19:34) in 181st and Hayden Herman (19:35) in 182nd.

Stryker’s Emanuel Villanueva was 32nd in 17:06 in the Division III Boys A race.

Montpelier’s boys were 23rd in the Division III Boys B race. The Locomotives were led by Daniel Belknap (18:25) in 26th, Scott Hillard (19:36) in 74th, Jaden Fackler (19:47) in 82nd, Peyton Cupp (22:40) in 179th and Andre Aguirre (23:01) in 183rd.

Hilltop boys finish third at

Archbold Invitational

Hilltop’s boys placed third out of eight teams at the Archbold Invitational at the Arcbhold Reservoir on Saturday.

The Cadets were paced by Tucker Beres (19:40) in seventh, Coleton Beres (19:45) in eighth, Jay Garrett (19:57) in 11th, Carson Jennings (22:30) in 23rd, Blue Repp (22:19) in 34th, Aiden Funkhouser (22:24) in 35th, Matt Wyse (23:30) in 45th and Ian Hoffman (24:21) in 46th.

Edon’s boys were seventh in the same race and were led by Hunter Howard (22:03) in 30th, Garrett Dowdy (22:59) in 38th, Trey Whitney (23:18) in 43rd, Trenton Arnold (24:46) in 49th, Gage Eicher (25:11) in 55th and Thad Howard (25:25) in 57th.

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