Bryan summer swim

The Bryan summer swim team hosted a picnic at Moore Park on Thursday and took some time to recognize the team’s graduating seniors. Pictured from left to right are Jeremy Durdel, Jennifer Leitch, Hannah Goodrich and Meggie Voigt. Not pictured are Zachary Foust, Joey Kimble and Audrey Zimmerman.

With the 2020 Bryan summer swim season canceled due to the closing of the community’s pools as a result of the global coronavirus outbreak, it meant seven Golden Bear seniors were without a final season in the Greater Northwest Ohio Aquatic Club.

The team met in Moore Park on Thursday to recognize those seven seniors.

Zachary Foust

Favorite stroke: Breaststroke

Future plans: Zach is scheduled to leave Aug. 17 to join the United States Marines, and he is looking forward to the challenge.

Accomplishment most proud of: Zach was always supported during swim and is still proudly supported by all of his family and extended family.

Advice for younger teammates: Challenge yourself.

Joey Kimble

Nickname: Papa Bear

Most embarrassing BST moment: Swimming against CJ Lane or Jack Burroughs, which is more daunting than embarrassing.

Accomplishment most proud of: Taking second place at Champs for the first time.

Hannah Goodrich

Nickname: Goody

Favorite stroke: Freestyle

Other sports/hobbies/academics: Track, Softball, Theater, Band, National Honor Society. Also likes to make clothing.

Future plans: Attend Miami University to major in kinesiology on pre-med track with a minor in fashion.

Favorite BST summer swim memory: When we would play games on Fridays and sometimes get donuts.

Most embarrassing BST moment: Accidentally swimming the boys heat of my event. Diving in during practice and slamming my forehead on the bottom of the pool.

Accomplishment most proud of: Breaking the high school 500 free record and for summer swim, getting my 10 year award.

Advice for younger teammates: Enjoy every second of it, because it flies by. Try your hardest no matter how bad it hurts. It will be worth it!

Audrey Zimmerman

Nickname: Auds

Favorite stroke: Freestyle

Other sports/hobbies/academics: Soccer, cross country, track, art/painting, wake surfing, snow skiing, hanging out with friends

Future plans: Attend Miami University majoring in nursing

Favorite BST summer swim memory: Winning our age group at Champs and getting second place behind Bowling Green at Champs.

Most embarrassing BST moment: Driving home from the Ottawa swim meet, I had just gotten my permit. The whole team was stuck behind me because I kept slowing down for the curves. I drove so slow!

Accomplishment most proud of: Graduating with a 4.0 GPA and following through with my agreement with Meg that if she ran cross country in junior high, that I would swim all four years of high school swim.

Advice for younger teammates: Show up on Fridays for practice, donuts usually appear. Have fun! Beat Napoleon and Wauseon.

Jennifer Leitch

Nickname: Jen, Jlo

Favorite stroke: Breaststroke

Other sports/hobbies/academics: Dancer for 14 years, National Honor Society, lifeguard, swim coach.

Future plans: Attend Miami University and major in middle childhood education.

Favorite BST summer swim memory: Family Fun Night! The dress ups, games and food. It is a great way for everyone to come together before Champs weekend. Team dance parties are a great way to pump each other up and get out of doing a set.

Most embarrassing BST moment: The first time I swam the 400 freestyle, I was so nervous that my goggles fell off when I dove in, along with hitting my head on the wall.

Accomplishment most proud of: Maintaining a good time in my breaststroke along with tackling the backstroke and improving my freestyle.

Advice for younger teammates: Practices are hard for a reason. Don’t be afraid, you can still have fun. Enjoy every moment with your teammates because you never know when it will be your last time swimming together. GO BEAR-A-CUDAS!!!!!

Meggie Voigt

Nickname: Meg

Favorite stroke: Freestyle

Other sports/hobbies/academics: Soccer, softball, track, National Honor Society, student council, Interact, FCA

Future plans: Attend Ohio University majoring in exercise philosophy/pre physical therapy and continue swimming for Ohio University

Favorite BST summer swim memory: Hearing the “HOT HEAT” bell ring last summer for the 200 IM

Most embarrassing BST moment: The amount of time it took me to come with absolutely nothing for this question!

Accomplishment most proud of: Achieving goals that I set before each summer season began and finishing the summers with meeting my goals. Holding 16 of the age group records.

Advice for younger teammates: Always do your best and work hard! It will pay off in the end. Don’t forget to smile and enjoy this journey.

Jeremy Durdel

Nickname: Bubba

Favorite stroke: Freestyle

Other sports/hobbies/academics: Fishing and hunting. Follow the_outback_boiz on Instagram

Future plans: Attend the University of Findlay and study pre-veterinary medicine

Favorite BST summer swim memory: Hiding the clock from Coach.

Most embarrassing BST moment: Also, hiding the clock from Coach.

Accomplishment most proud of: Winning second place at Champs with the team.

Advice for younger teammates: Always work hard.

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