The Green Meadows Conference announced its scholar athletes for the fall sports season Thursday.

In order to be eligible, a senior athlete must have a 3.50 GPA or better.


Nathan Lee, Austin Chirgwin, Adam Butzin, Luke Brewer, Brett Fulk, Kendall Billman, Charity Roebel, Jake Ryan, Brayton Stuckey, Jon Lederman, Ashton Barnhouse


Loryn Wright, Libbey Phipps, Alexis Hagerman, Marcy Miller, Aubrey Florence, Ashlee Tressler, Benjamin Seigman, Makayla Branham, Alexis Samlow, Amanda Addington, Tyler Johnson


Kendra Blue, Devin Thiel, Dominic Gigax, Olivia Hennessey, Claire Flegal, Micah Ritter, Greg Roth, Bailey Bowen, Brody Degryse, Eric Herman, Bree Hug, Braydon Cape, Madison Freeman, Clayton Flegal, Eli Branham, Melody Cheek, Aliyssa McCormick, Coby Jones, Megan Sullivan


Jakob Backhaus, Jonathan McCoy, Kevin Macsay, Luke Skinner, Colton Grant, Annamarie Lechleidner, Raegan Phillips, Carly Wendling, Kendyl Kime, Ali Mavis, Kamryn Boland, Elicia Nehls, Aleyah Mack, Brooklynn Grant


Miciah Ankney, Laney Balser , Katie Bergman, Angela Betz, Riley Figgins, Vaughn Graber,Taylor Larry, Alexa Michael , Michael Myers, Noelle Nuttle, Emma Payne, Emily Sanders, Micah Schroeder, Harlee Shuman, Sidney Slattery, Makayla Sullivan, Parker Thiel, Victoria Vasquez, Lexi Witte


Grace Swary, Madison Hohenberger, Madilyn Hohenberger, Benjamin Like, Grace Wenzinger, Willow Marshall, Cody Sonnenberg, Nicholas Roehl, Tianna Meyer, Tarrah Meyer, Bailey Plott, Lillian Schulte, Cameron Hoellrich, Joshua Niese, Sydney Shockey, Natalie Pitney


Ella Keber, Corbyn Paxton, Emma Sprow, Clay Bowden, Rayann Clevenger, Kendall Sattler, Madison Brown, Rylee Sanders, Spencer Giesige, Jonah Jimenez , Kyle Ordway, Landon Rinkel, Sydney Grieser, Hannah Horn, Aubrey Reineke, Baylee Rex

Wayne Trace

Juianne Roop, Alli Hefner, Sadie Sinn, Austin Reed, Reece Thompson, Gracie Laukhuf, Matt Stouffer, Grant Baumle, Brooke Greulach, Kaylee Shepherd

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