I have recently been made aware that we have a club out of Pioneer called the Ohio Hunting and Retrievers Club (OHRC). On Saturday, Sept. 21, they will be hosting a field trial for several levels of skill retrievers. I have not been much of a duck and goose guy and when I did hunt the fowl, I hunted fields and small ponds.

This field trial is open to anyone to come out and watch these magnificent dogs work. The trials are free and open to the public. It will be held at the Pioneer Boy Scout Reservation on County Road S.

I am planning on doing another column on this, but thought I would let those readers who might be interested in going to watch this know about it so you can attend.

This is a big deal and a big business for many. I intend to get some pictures and report further on this event, which is held every year and draws people and their prize retrievers to participate from many states.

If you would like to get your dog involved in this in the future, you can contact Stan Wright at 419-551-7920.

Meanwhile, early goose season is underway and about over. Regular duck and goose season will nest start until October.

In the next few weeks, salmon will be running up the rivers in Michigan. Right after them, the big brown trout and steelhead will also take to the rivers as early as October, depending on water levels.

Perch are the next big deal out on Lake Erie waters, not that bass should be neglected. For the next two months, perch should be coming aboard and fryers will be heating up.

Squirrels and doves are open, and they are attracting some attention locally. Both are excellent table fare. Dove breasts wrapped in bacon and cooked on the grill are very special wild game treats.

I can’t think of a bad way to cook squirrel. Stew, soup, fried, grilled and I am sure I left off a few. I think it is the most flavorful of all the wild game.

The rods and reels, rimfire rifles and shotguns are all in play at this time.

Enjoy your time out there.

‘Til next time . . .

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