Tom Clendenen Hole in One

Tom Clendenen, 90, made his 29th hole in one on Wednesday while playing at Riverside Greens Golf Course in Stryker. RON OSBURN/Staff

Actuaries have calculated the odds of an average golfer making a hole in one at approximately 12,500 to 1.

Don’t tell that to Tom Clendenen, who just made his 29th hole in one on hole number three at Riverside Greens Golf Course in Stryker on Wednesday.

Clendenen, of West Unity, who’s 90 years old, was playing in a seniors league with Mike Tusko, Bob Hill and Bob Miller when he made his latest one.

He said he lived on a private golf course for 50 years in California with his wife Eva, and, for 10 years beginning in 1989, made 20 of his 29 hole in ones at that course, called Skyline Ranch Country Club, just north of San Diego. He said he also made six other holes in one at other courses during that time.

Clendenen said he and Eva both were educators in Pasadena, California. They moved to West Unity in 2009, and he’s made three more holes in one since then, including two at Riverside Greens, where he’s a member.

“Accuracy,” he said when asked why or how he makes so many of what is considered one of golf’s most difficult feats. “And playing a lot, too. In California, I could play year-round,” he added with a grin.

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