Cade Polter

Fairview’s Cade Polter rolls out to pass during a football game against Bryan in Sherwood on Sept. 13. TIMES FILE PHOTO

SHERWOOD — Fairview senior Cade Polter accomplished a lot in his football career.

As a three-year starter at quarterback for the Apaches, he racked up 7,153 yards and 79 touchdowns through the air. Along the way, he was also a two-time first team All-Ohio quarterback, and this past season, he was named the Green Meadows Conference Player of the Year.

But his favorite accomplishments were always the team ones, he said. And in a senior year where he threw for 2,967 yards and 34 touchdowns, he helped lead the Apaches to a GMC title, a 10-2 overall record and their second straight postseason appearance.

For everything he was able to accomplish this season, Polter has also been named The Bryan Times Football Player of the Year.

“It was a ton of fun,” Polter said of his career. “Seeing it turn around like it did was huge, and I think it will continue to get better. ... I don’t know if my teammates and I expected so much success. ... But we just worked hard, and the success we had was just attributed to our hard work.”

Fairview football coach Doug Rakes has known Polter since he was young, and says it’s been awesome to watch him grow and mature into a humble leader for his team throughout the years.

“First and foremost, he puts a lot of work into it,” Rakes said. “He was an ironman for us, which means he was in the weight room 100 days or more in the offseason. I think that kind of sets the tone for everyone else, and that gets everyone more involved.

“And aside from the football side of things, he’s a 4.0 GPA kid and probably in line to be class valedictorian. He’s a two-time All-Ohio quarterback, and when you have those things, and you combine them with a kid like Cade, he brings a lot to the table for you. And it’s easy to have success when you have kids like that around.”

Rakes also added that it will likely take a group effort to replace everything Polter meant to the Apaches throughout the years.

“Everything he did to get to the point where he was at this year and last year, it’s tough to replace that,” Rakes said. “You don’t know necessarily if one guy can do it. That doesn’t mean we’ll have multiple quarterbacks, but what it does mean is that other guys in other areas are going to have to pick it up.”

As for his future, Polter says he’s still weighing his options in terms of where he wants to attend college. And while he’s not sure if sports will be a part of it yet, with a senior basketball and baseball season to go, there are still a few chapters left to a storied Fairview sports career.

The Bryan Times All-Area Football Team

QB — Cade Polter, Fairview, Sr.; Nate Miller, Bryan, Sr.; Drew Gallehue, Edon, So.

RB — Hunter Prince, Edgerton, Sr.; Dylan Mason, Edon, Sr.; Luke Timbrook, Fairview, Jr.

WR/TE — Connor Arthur, Bryan, Sr.; Titus Rohrer, Bryan, Jr.; Austin Kiess, Edon, Sr.; Chase Reed, Edon, Sr. Caleb Frank, Fairview, Jr.; Riley Lucas, Fairview, Sr.; Doug Rakes, Fairview, Jr.; Logan Showalter, Edgerton, Sr.; Kaleb Holsopple, Stryker, Jr.

OL — Austin Bostater, Fairview, Jr.; Tyler Eustace, Edgerton, Sr.; Ashton Miler, Edgerton, Jr.; Trevor Eustace, Edgerton, Sr.; Mason Foote, Montpelier, Sr.; Payne Frank, Bryan, Sr.; Justin Estep, Edon, Sr.; Riley Puffinberger, Fairview, Sr.; Bryan Lucas, Fairview, Jr.; Shane Zulch, Edon, Sr.; Aaron Layman, Fairview, Jr.

DL — Russ Zeedyk, Fairview, Jr.; Jordan Warner, Edgerton, Jr., Kaden Blair, Fairview, Jr.; Tatum Schaffter, Edon., Sr.; Austin Peffley, Montpelier, Sr.; Logan Showalter, Edgerton, Sr.; Carter Hoffman, Bryan, Sr.

LB — Austin Kiess, Edon, Sr.; Chayse Singer, Fairview, Sr.; Trevor Eustace, Edgerton, Sr.; Dom James, Bryan, Sr.; Luke Timbrook, Fairview, Jr.; Chris Farris, Edon, Sr.

DB — Connor Arthur, Bryan, Sr.; Hayden Brown, Hilltop, Sr.; Noah Hagerman, Fairview, Sr.; Chase Reed, Edon, Sr.; Caleb Frank, Fairview, Jr.; Cade Ripke, Fairview, Jr.; Colin Gary, Edgerton, Sr.

P/K — Caleb Frank, Fairview, Jr.

PR/KR — Chase Reed, Edon, Sr.

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