Randy Fisher speaks to BHS coaches

Photo by Jonathan LeBlanc

Randy Fisher, a 1996 Bryan alumnus and NFL agent, talks to Bryan High School’s coaches on Wednesday afternoon in Bryan High School.

On Randy Fisher’s drive back to Bryan, his hometown, he got choked up telling his wife, Amy, about his time in the city he grew up in.

Bryan athletic director Chad Savage asked Fisher, a NFL agent and co-founder of Ascend Athletics, to come and speak to his coaches about what it meant to be “Bryan Built.”

“I was excited — and a little nervous,” said Fisher, a 1996 Bryan alumnus. “I didn’t know what he expected from me, and I wanted to understand what he sees ‘Bryan Built’ as.”

For Savage, it was simple: someone who goes through the Bryan systems and is successful in all facets of life. And Savage thought Fisher fit that mold.

“He was my No. 1 choice,” Savage said. “I just wanted to bring back somebody who represented Bryan and the pillars of what we want to emulate.”

Fisher then started going through his life.

He was a running back and linebacker at the varsity level all four years, from 1992 to 1996, while also playing basketball and track and field.

Fisher then went to Valparaiso University and continued football, playing on the defensive line. He followed up football with law, becoming a state deputy prosecuting attorney and went private practice for 12 years.

While in private practice, he had an opportunity to meet NFL agent Eugene Park, who represented NFL stars like Deion Sanders and Emmitt Smith, and opened the door for him to pursue his dream of working in the NFL as an agent.

Fisher, along with co-founder and NFL agent Lindsay Brooks, created the Indianapolis-based Ascend Athletics in 2019. The duo currently has 10 clients on NFL rosters.

And the more Fisher thought about it, he realized how Bryan formed his relationships, character, work ethic and vision — all of which Savage wants coaches to do for Bryan’s young athletes and how to be “Bryan Built.”

“For our coaches to hear that and see that example, knowing we want them to lead by example, it re-emphasizes what we’re trying to stress,” Savage said.

Fisher then understood that being “Bryan Built” is a culmination of teachings from the Bryan community, teachers and coaches.

“It doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t happen accidentally,” Fisher said. “It’s intentional leadership, it’s people being systematic in their approach.”

While Fisher said he’s had multiple people throughout different stages of his life mentor or help him, what he experienced in Bryan allowed him to take those steps and become successful.

It’s the community that formed him and Ascend Athletics.

“If you look at those key elements that has made Bryan successful, there’s not a patten on that,” Fisher said. “Any business, any organization, person that’s successful, those key elements are there.”

And coming back to where he called home, Fisher has now become more “mindful” of the impact Bryan has on him, along with how great of a community it is.

“I think a lot of people in this community take that for granted — just how amazing this community is,” Fisher said. “And you’ll have times of celebrations — a win at a sporting event, businesses being successful that are in this community — you get to celebrate those little moments.

“But having that retrospective of leaving and coming back, and just the past couple days of trying to go through not only the memories, but also those individuals that really took the time to be a part of my life and make me important. That’s the difference.”

A difference he hopes Bryan High School’s coaches know that’ll be felt by their players, whether it’s a couple years after high school or 30 years.

That’s what Fisher recognized when he was asked to speak, and why he choked up talking about Bryan on the trip back to his hometown.

The Bryan community helped build him and so many others.

“I haven’t met a person that’s from Bryan that hasn’t been impacted significantly from their time here,” Fisher said. “That means the community’s doing it right. I think it’s this idea of being ‘Bryan Built.’ And I’m proud to be considered ‘Bryan Built.’”

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